THAT! has grown rapidly because THAT! are deeply concerned with their customers’ access to quality communication and are able to ease the language barrier between two different worlds. In addition, we offer specialized interpreters for the DeafBlind Community! THAT! also has great working relationships with our sign language interpreters and make sure they are in good hands. We work with well-trained and highly skilled interpreters. They possess national certification, including the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), Code of Professional Conduct (CPC), and HIPAA. THAT! offers services for the Deaf in a wide variety of fields and venues (legal, medical, multiple levels of education) throughout New York, Washington State and North Carolina. That ensures a clear path of communication and a bridge that provides access between two worlds. The THAT! team is bilingual, in both English and American Sign Language (ASL). Our clients can be reached by using videophone, video relay service, or email/text.


We only offer qualified Interpreters with PASSION and SENSITIVITY who are also part of the Deaf/DeafBlind Community.

Our Smart Team